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Sustainlab is a Swedish SaaS startup that aims to provide customers an easier way of working with sustainability data, with the help of machine learning. They give customers clear guidelines on how to work with data as well in order to be more sustainable and earn money. Better Business. Better Planet.

Our task was to create a new visual identity and deliver a new strategic brand platform.

Since Sustainlab is about sustainability and tech we really wanted to combine them both and create a distinct visual appearance and  created our design concept Accelerating Transparency.

The symbol we created represents our concept name Accelerating Transparency. It is built upon strict and clear lines, which symbolizes one type of transparency. The lines also creates a negative space in between them which also is about transparency. The animated symbol which gives the full impression of the acceleration.

Group project by me, Noa, Erik and Clara.

Sustainlab ordbild svart.png
logo suslab svart.png
ikoner klar.png

Our color palette consists of shades and tones of yellow, green and blue. Gradients stand for a type of literal transparency.

Yellow represent the energy within an acceleration. Movement, motivation and energy are keywords. Blue goes well with the tech and innovation, which is directly linked to the product - data. Our green color is a complementary color, but can be used independently as it fits within the framework of human cooperation.

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