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Better Burgers

I had two days to create an identity for the fictional brand Better Burgers. Better Burgers is a concept developed by two Swedish-Australian surfers who are establishing a vegan burger restaurant in Stockholm city. Keywords from the client: 'Aussie-Surfer', Natural, Organic but Cool, Relaxed and Welcoming.

My logo illustrates two stylized 'B' letters standing against each other, symbolizing Better Burgers. This design is inspired by organic elements, and by using a combination of soft curves and the straight, hard shapes reminiscent of sandstone, a visual contrast is created, giving the logo an edge. The typography in the logo subtly reminds of the beauty and complexity of nature, with shapes that can be interpreted as leaves or butterfly wings. This subtlety adds a dimension of depth and diversity to the visual identity, enticing the viewer to explore further and engage them in our story and values.

svart bb.png
vit bb.png
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